Kelly Stark Content & Marketing provides innovate ways to engage, connect and grow your potential business!

Prospective buyers require a lot more to become a client than ever before.  KSCM creates engaging digital marketing strategies, and we develop connections thru your social presence with custom business solutions.

We help brand your business, provide resources for client retention as well as growth opportunities through networking and online marketing.  Our full-scale services includes social media management, creative content to engage your audience, strategic SEO and keyword monitoring as well as a comprehensive marketing structure!

With over 18 years of sales, marketing and consulting experience, KSCM provides lucrative business services to all industries at any levels of business!




Your content & marketing strategy is 100% customized to reach your target audience.

Are you looking for stronger content to connect to potential business?  Are you lacking brand awareness or exposure? Are you needing full-scale consulting?

We Do It All…  Or, we can do a couple of things for you, too.  

We want you to scale your business in a way that helps your production at the most minimal cost to you.

We’ve made some integral connections with companies all over the US to provide professional services, the best integration for your own skill set and a timeline based upon your proposed business goals.

With our “a la carte” marketing packages, you customize how you want KSCM to engage your clients and grow your business at any stage based upon your financial commitment.


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Snapchat-8158147023385562401Kelly Stark is a long-time Chicago native who moved to Texas to attend Texas A&M University for Civil Engineering and Technical Writing.

Kelly’s diverse professional and educational background has provided many opportunities in all types of industries from engineering, education, real estate and business consultancy.

A lover of all things “numbers and reports,” Kelly is direct, creative and consistently strives to learn more and grow her own skill set.  With an immense gift to connect and communicate, Kelly found her niche in content and marketing.  She has worked with some of “the best” in marketing and sales; and she works alongside the most honest, talented and creative colleagues in the industry.  She has successfully scaled businesses beyond her own expectations; and she takes the time and initiative to listen to a business owner, create achievable results and educate her clients along the way.

As a true testament to her work ethic and professional skills, Kelly has worked for over 15 years on client referrals and word-of-mouth with zero online promotion.  She has even been called “a visionary” by someone other than her parents.  With an exceptional list of awards and notable publications, KSCM is very proud of her clients’ successes and the continued relationships with her former and current clients.

Kelly truly loves working with clients to not only scale their business, but she takes the time to help a business owner learn along the way.   She teaches clients how to “stand on their own two feet” with their social media, marketing and engagement as little or hands-on as they want to be.

KSCM provides abundant services based upon a clients needs from content writing, photography, marketing material