Why You Need Me.

When my clients and friends learn about my educational and professional history, I typically get a “Whaaaaatttttt?” response.

I get it.

If I told you I was a Civil Engineering student for almost 4 years, 3 minors later (almost) with an English/Technical Writing/Rhetoric degree followed by a Sales Engineering Asst position, Marketing Director, Ghostwriter, Editor, Operations Manager, College Professor, Content Strategist, Photographer and Entrepreneur —  You’d had the same response.

My Dad always said, “Surprise the World with What You Don’t Know.”  Despite the gamble, this has paid off tremendously.  It has propelled me into some of the lucrative career opportunities that have crafted my professional scope.

I found myself tirelessly reaching for other creative outlets through writing, communication classes, and editing that I wasn’t finding in my engineering education.  I enjoyed the problem solving and analytics of engineering, but I didn’t have that intimate connection with my TI calculator like most of my colleagues.  I became the girl everyone wanted on their team because I mastered the write-ups, the reporting and the graphics.

Truthfully, I enjoyed working with my teammates and the reporting more than the lab itself.

So, I took a very calculated chance, and turn a minor in Technical Writing and Rhetoric, and turned it into my degree.  The best possible choice I could have made. (Not according to my parents at the time, but they’d agree now— I think.)

I have been contracting writing, marketing, contact, marketing material, resume editing and so many more projects over the last 15-18 years when I needed money for college, a gap in employment, growth opportunities or simply when I had the time to take on projects or clients.

So, Why Do You Need Me?

I stand alongside many start-up companies with explosive ideology that didn’t know where to begin.  I’ve worked with ancient businesses with stagnant production, year after year, because the owner didn’t know how to take the next step.   They often didn’t even know what the next step entailed.

I understand Buyers.  I understand the need for potential buyers to connect with a brand product or service.

I understand that there is an overwhelming pool of products and services available, so why would a buyer choose YOU?

I understand the changing dynamics of the buyers market.  I know potential business is researching you.  Potential clients are comparing you.  They are listening to the reviews they read, and they want to create a long-term partnership with your business if you know how to engage and educate them.

Are you Missing Potential Business?  

Take the first step and simply connect with me for a consultation.  It’s time to capture the business that is waiting for you if you simply know how to reach out and engage.

Can you afford to keep your business functioning at the same level every year?  Are you satisfied with the results of your efforts?

Kelly Stark Content and Marketing (KSCM) is here to help guide you; to show you how to better connect with clients as well as marketing techniques that retain business and grow potential opportunities.

Call (979) 218-7921 or email kellystarkftw@gmail.com to connect! Feel free to send your information to KSCM, and we will be in touch shortly!


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