“Whatcha Know Good…?”

Living in Lubbock,  Texas for many years, I got rattled when I heard the common welcome phrase, “Whatcha Know Good?”  I swear on my life–  that’s a thing!

It simply means, “What’s going on… or What’s happening to you?” It’s a really odd way of asking how someone feels, in my opinion.  Well,  the saying stuck with me.  I didn’t really use it with everyone except for the small group of people that I knew used the phrase themselves.

It started to become a habit…. which turned into the addition of a fake Texas drawl when speaking… with the addition of the “bended-arm-aww-shucks-swing.”

So why the long story….   I tend to use it a lot now, but in a different way!

My most common complaint from clients when writing content— “I’m out of content.  I don’t know what else to write.”

So, I usually do the same probing method from the week before:   “Whatcha Know Good?”

Part of creating good content is making someone trust you.  You need credibility!  You wouldn’t buy ice from the devil? (Another Texas phrase, sorry!)  You need to show your audience that you are THE expert of your brand.  What DO you know BETTER than anyone else?

Here’s a question: “What makes you open spam email EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S SPAM?”  (You do it, don’t lie!)

It’s something you can’t miss!  You might miss a price special, insider information, the latest controversy or the chance to get that check from the King of India who left you his entire life savings!

Make your audience’s brain function the same way!  What could you say that your audience cannot miss?  How do you get them to open the email or click on the link?

TAGLINES.   Create something Dramatic.  Create a CAN’T MISS OPPORTUNITY!  Then use “whatcha know good” to make the reader connect with you and your brand.

Lacking inspiration?  Check out these famous taglines for fun (and practice!)


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