Top 6 Must-Have Features of Your Website

As a marketer and business analyst, I come across an incredible number of business owners who didn’t see a website as a “necessity” during their 10+ years in business.

In my first consultation with a client, I often explain: “How do you have visitors at your house without an address?”

You might have a few Girl Scouts stop by selling those addicting cookies, or a few nosey neighbors at your door because they just happened to know when you live.  It doesn’t mean FedEx or anyone else will ever find your address.

This is happening to your business in the absence of a website.  You might have had a few referrals or come across someone who could use your services in a grocery store checkout line, but potential business will not find you on the interwebs.

You may have heard the terms “SEO, AdWords or buzz words?”  These unique, marketing-rich keywords are found by search engines like Google or Bing, and they send a signal to the put your website at the disposal of potential business when someone is searching for specific products, businesses or terms.

(There’s obviously a lot more that goes into SEO, but it’s a good start towards understanding the concept of what SEO means and how it works in your favor!)

Make a website your priority!  Spend the money to develop a an attractive, engaging and visually stimulating site that begs potential business to interact with you.

The top 6 “Must-Haves” on Your Website: 

  1. Call-To-Action:  What are you asking a potential client to do with your website or business?
  2. Blogs:  Blogs are the personality behind a business.  You can create your credibility, knowledge and expertise by sharing and showing an “audience” what you know!
  3. Keywords:  These mega-buck words describe who and what your business is all about, and it sends a signal to a search engine that your website contains relevant content.  Unsure about how to organically improve your rank on Google?  Either 1) Call me or 2)  Call me.
  4. Web Flow:  Have you ever been to a site that is so difficult to navigate that you just close out the site completely?  A website should flow like a storybook- a beginning, middle and a powerful ending!
  5. Social Media incorporation:  Are you posting relevant content on your social media and linking traffic directly towards your website?  Double your exposure by driving traffic to your site from social media accounts!
  6. Lead Capture:  There is a lot of views about lead capture and if it’s too invasive or aggressive.  My take:  there are ways to capture lead information without being aggressive!  Value-added marketing material is a fantastic way to offer your potential business resources in exchange for their contact info.  We don’t want to keep someone from your site with pop-ups, and we definitely don’t want someone to hit the “X” on your site.  If your contact is engaging, interesting and

If you don’t have a website…  make the change today.  Right Now.  This Minute.  

You and your potential clients will thank me!

And they’ll finally know you exist!

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