Social Medi-ocre

You set up a Social Media account because that’s just what businesses do, right?

You post a few pictures of products or specials or share an interesting article that you thought was a “good read,” right?

I call this, “social medi-ocre.”


Tell me what you like to read when you have a few minutes of downtime in your day?  Are you clicking through “shared” articles from your favorite businesses?  What makes you stop “scrolling” and start “reading?”

For some  people, they just trust the credibility of a brand.  They click whatever is on a site.  BUT, they don’t really DO anything with the shared link.  For most followers, engagement happens through strong, relevant content that ASKS something of the audience.

But what is engaging content?

Engaging content shows your audience a level of expertise about your business or industry.  Maybe your business goes above the “standard” service, or maybe you have a new product that blows all of your competitors out of the water!  What is the value in your business?

There are only so many baby or puppy faced “Almost the Weekend” memes an audience wants to see a day.   Aww, heartstrings…..  boring.  BORING.


Hit your potential client where it counts— in the brain!  Give your clients real insight into why they NEED your services.  Explain why you know something better than anyone else 1,000 miles of your business that no one else can provide them.

I would rather have my clients post NOTHING instead of posting “trash content” to their social media or blogs.  Take a few minutes a day to connect with clients.  Genuinely.

Make your audience content with your content.  Get it? 🙂  Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend…. hang in there.




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